Yoga and acceptance

Ahh! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted! *waves at the interwebs”

So, what can I catch y’all up on? I’ve continued to work on body love and fat acceptance. I’m paying a lot more attention to how others carry themselves. Ya know what I’ve noticed so much? Fat women covering themselves! Staying quiet. Pulling on their clothes. Hiding under lots of layers! What gives?! Don’t get me wrong, I love an oversized sweatshirt and some yoga pants/sweats but why can’t I also love to show a little tummy? Or cleavage? Or thigh? It bothers me to see so many feel they have to hide.

I’ve been practicing yoga as much as possible. Talk about challenging thin culture! Yoga is made up of white. Thin. Bendy women. A fat woman’s nightmare! How am *I* supposed to do THAT!?!?! Gurl, I got a belly and did I mention these tatas? When I bend over I’m instantly suffocated by my own boobs and you want me to stand on my head?! You funny, Willis! Real stinkin’ funny!

Ok ok, slow your roll (cause I had to slow mine). It isn’t about being bendy. It isn’t about balancing in these amazingly beautiful poses. It’s not! It’s about SHOWING UP! Jessamyn Stanley, fat yogi, says, “the hardest part is over! You showed up to your mat.” Boy is she right! When I get so in my head I dread showing up to my mat because I’m already convinced I can’t do it! I’m killing my vibe before I even get going! That’s what we do when we compare our bodies and abilities against thin, flexibility and experienced bodies! Even comparing ourselves to fat experienced yogis isn’t fair! Jessamyn can do INSANE things with her body but this isn’t a new thing for her!

When I stop comparing myself to others I’m amazed at what I can accomplish. I sit here in my recliner, with cold files playing on Netflix, and can feel my energy coursing through my body. My soul is ignited. My blood is flowing and I feel REMARKABLE! could I do everything? NOPE! but I showed up to my mat.

Will you show up to yours? Join me.

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