Shorts, Tanks and SKIN!

What a neglectful blogger I have been. I apologize deeply dear followers of mine. I have gotten some recent questions about when I was going to post again. Life has gotten away from be a bit with the weather warming, and then a giant blizzard… yes, welcome to the Midwest… work, kids, family, friends AHHHH.. The usual for us all, I am sure. But alas, I have returned and with an interesting topic to discuss!

This was posted on the grounds where I work and it sparked my interest in writing this blog post. It got me reflecting on my journey (yes! I am still very much on this journey despite my radio silence on this blog) and my relationship with summer… more specifically summer clothing.

summer body

Author unknown

I absolutely love this picture and I stand behind it 100%. Clothing is meant to keep sensitive areas covered and safe, for self-expression, for sanitary reasons, for protection from the elements and because. . . laws. So if my clothing, or anyone else for that matter, meets those basic requirements, then I can wear it! Does it matter if my thighs tough, have cellulite or jiggle? Nope! Does it matter if I wear a bikini while next to my amazing pool (that’s right, be jealous!).. Not in the least.

I will be the first to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with summer clothing. I’m the first to judge my thick thighs, jiggly arms, belly etc. I’m the first to dread putting shorts on the first time in the summer. I’m guilty of suffering in capris because they cover more or for wearing a cardigan to cover my arms. NOT THIS SUMMER! Last summer I did a big thing and bought a few two piece suits, a couple being bikini like! BIG step for me, but I have yet to wear them around anyone that isn’t my husband and children. Remember my cannonball post? CANNONBALL… whose coming over so I can wear my bikini???

I generally love summer clothes. Cute, little shorts. Tiny tanks. Flowers. Bright colors. . . But in years past I have spent all summer trying to hide myself. You’ll see these fat shamming comments all over the place. “Still time to slim down for summer.” “Want that bikini body? Take this.” WHY IS IT SO BAD FOR SOMEONE TO SEE SOME FAT?! Is that honestly the most terrible thing that can happen while you’re on the streets or at the pool? I really think not.

If the clothing you wear, summer/winter/fall/spring, makes you feel comfortable WEAR IT! If you see someone wearing something you don’t agree with KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Who made you clothing police? Ahhh no one..

I have big-ole-boobies. This isn’t universal for all fat women, it’s just my reality. They are VERY hard to hide, especially in a tank top or in an outfit that is meant to keep me cool. For some, modesty is very important… good on ya for that. For others, like myself, I just wanna keep from drowning in my own sweat in the summer (are ya grossed out yet? :D) so I’m going to wear what makes me feel cool. That does not mean anyone is allowed to sexualize my body. Don’t stare… I see you. And I sure as hell hope no one who follows this blog is thinking “If you don’t want them to stare don’t flaunt it” because I just might reach through this computer screen and flip ya the bird. My body is not a playground for your eyes, your imagination or for any other part of you without my consent.

Some things to remember this summer:

  1. Your body is good enough JUST AS IT IS RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
  2. You deserve to be cool and comfy just like my thin sisters and brothers!
  3. If you CHOOSE to wear a swim suit, you’re buying a piece of fabric to adorn that amazing bod. You don’t need to change your bod for a piece of fabric. Celebrate what you’ve got!
  4. Wear what you’re COMFY in. IF that is suit. COOL. If that is shorts and a tee. Amazing, rock it.

So go on and enjoy the fun, sun, shorts (if you choose), tanks (if you choose), suits (if you choose) and don’t let anyone (including that negative inner voice) tell you what you can wear! If you need me, I’ll be sunning myself pool side with a mojito in hand.



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