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Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Katie and I am a fat girl.

I started this journey of self-love in March of 2018 after a friend of mine pointed out how negative I had been about my body. She noted how I say things like, “when I was thin. . .” or “when I lose X lbs, I’ll finally do X.” In her loving way, she encouraged me to work on that. So she, her partner and I started reading, “Things No One Tells Fat Girls” by Jes Baker. It wasn’t far into the book when I began to notice a change in my thinking. I started questioning societal messages around and began noticing just how negative I was about myself. I had failed at “dieting” time and time again and was even in the midst of a diet as I began the book. After taking a huge leap into being vulnerable on Facebook, I decided to start this blog. Blog #1 (Cannonball) is the same Facebook post I wrote. I anticipate this journey to be one with many challenges but I hope in the end (not so sure there really is “an end”) I hope I live a valued life of RADICAL SELF LOVE. So, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.



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